Temporary & Wage​​​​​​​

The Talent Flexibility Team supports the University’s Academic Division, Medical Center, UVA Physicians Group, and Foundations/Associations. We provide recruitment and hiring support for all temps, students, staff wage and faculty wage employment types. Our team can work with you each step of the way to ensure your success as you navigate your career journey with UVA.

UVA Temps

Your next career opportunity is waiting! As a temporary employee, enjoy the flexibility to explore a variety of assignments while building your professional skills in higher education. Temp assignments can be short or long-term in length and part-time or full-time in schedules. It is a great way to showcase your talents and learn more about working at the University. As a UVA Temp, you get internal status when applying to other positions and gain invaluable University and UVA systems knowledge. 

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Staff Wage & Faculty Wage

Staff Wage Employees are hired to perform a short-term work assignment or a work assignment with irregular hours. Staff Wage Employees are typically paid an hourly rate. Faculty Wage Employees are hired to complete a short-term and/or part-time academic work assignment, such as teaching one or more courses for one or two academic terms. Faculty wage employees are paid a lump-sum over a fixed period. Wage employees are limited to 1500 hours of work in a year and are ineligible for leave or other benefits.

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Student Wage

Student wage assignments may be short or long term and typically offer up to 20 hours per week. Current UVA Students seeking employment should visit the University Career Center where they can search available openings on Handshake and connect with a Career Counselor.  Additional information related to student employment and the requirements for eligibility are available on the HR website.

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UVA Career Opportunities

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The University of Virginia offers a range of temporary jobs from entry level to specialized positions across all schools, units, departments, UVA Health, University Physician’s Group, and affiliated foundations. A temp position is the best way to get your foot in the door with UVA.

Staff Wage & Faculty Wage

Staff Wage Employees are hired to perform a short-term work assignment or a work assignment with irregular hours. Faculty Wage Employees complete short-term and/or part-time academic work assignments. As a Faculty Wage Employee, you might teach one or more courses for one or two academic terms.

Pipelines & Pathways
Pipelines & Pathways is committed to helping individuals looking for entry-level opportunities that do not require higher levels of education or work experience. Our goal is to help you get through the door at UVA and into employment with opportunities with upward mobility.