Pipelines & Pathways

Turning Connections into Careers

Pipelines & Pathways is committed to helping individuals looking for entry-level opportunities that do not require higher levels of education or work experience. Our goal is to help you get through the door at UVA and into employment with opportunities with upward mobility. We work with you each step of the way as you navigate your career journey with us. Through the Community Connections Hub, we partner with you to assess your skills and interests and assist you to obtain full-time, part-time, temporary, and wage employment available through the University’s Academic Division, University Medical Center, University of Virginia Physicians Group, and University – Associated Organizations (Foundations).

To enroll in Pipelines & Pathways please read the following instructions carefully

Important: Do not apply to positions without first completing the form in Step 1 below.
Step 1
Fill out the brief form linked below to apply to the applicant pool for the Pipelines & Pathways program.
Step 2
Already a part of the Pipelines & Pathways program? Once you have successfully filled out the form and applied to the applicant pool, you may then view job listings and apply to positions with guidance from a Pipelines & Pathways team member.
Once you are on the job, Pipelines & Pathways continues to connect with you regarding your career goals to help you plan for upward mobility within UVA. After six months of employment, you will have access to a Career Coach who will work one-on-one with you to identify opportunities for continuing education that will move you closer to your professional aspirations. This includes reviewing career mappings that make the next steps along your pathway clear to you!
Community Resource Providers
If you are a community resource provider or organization working with a job seeker who you would like to refer to us for employment at UVA, please complete this referral survey. A Pipelines & Pathways team member will connect directly with the job seeker.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at uvapipelines@virginia.edu or 434.924.7693.
We want our employees to be happy, healthy, and have peace of mind. Our generous benefits package allows you to focus on what's important - making UVA an ideal place to study, work, and grow.

In addition to job placement, we also work with you to determine any barriers to employment that you may be facing such as transportation, childcare, housing, and criminal history. To afford you the best opportunity for success, we connect you with resources in the local community that can assist you with any challenges, so you can spend time focusing on your job! Additionally, we provide training opportunities to support you along your career journey, including: resume writing, mock interviewing, basic computer skills, workplace readiness, financial literacy, and much more.
What our participants are saying
Participant "W" came to Pipelines & Pathways as a student looking for full-time work in IT. We helped him find the right career path and prepped him for the interview. He started his job in IT on 2/13.
Participant "I" came to Pipelines & Pathways needing resources and employment. We connected him to supportive services and identified a well-paying opportunity as a bus driver. He starts his job today, 2/27!
Participant "R" came to Pipelines & Pathways after experiencing reentry barriers to employment. We worked with him by assisting with applications, contacting the hiring team, and clarifying the polices/procedures needed in the pre-hire stage. He starts his new job on 2/27!
Participant "Z" came to Pipelines & Pathways seeking flexible work at the Medical Center. We helped job-match, created her resume, provided her with interviewing practice, and contacted the hiring manager! She started her new job on 2/20!
Participant "M" came to Pipelines & Pathways as a single mother looking for stability We identified a career as an Access Associate, assisted with the application, and helped her throughout the Workday Navigation process. She started her new job on 2/20!
Participant "S" connected with Pipelines & Pathways in search of a full-time career with UVA Health. In the past, she worked for UVA Student Health and Wellness, and enjoyed the students and staff. After utilizing support services through Pipelines & Pathways, participant "S" started as a Contract Specialist on 3/20 and looks forward to growth in her new career!
Participant "R" attended Pipelines & Pathways' Careers & Connections event. He already had a Class B commercial driver's license and was interested in becoming a bus driver. Pipelines & Pathways assisted him with the application, helped facilitate his progression through the HR hiring process, and helped him obtain his required endorsements to drive a passenger bus. He began his job as a Transit Bus Driver with UTS on 3/22.
Pipelines & Pathways is an initiative of President Ryan’s Council on UVA - Community Partnerships and was developed by the President’s working group on local jobs and wages. The goal of the program is to increase the number of individuals residing in underserved communities in the Charlottesville region who are hired by the University, decrease the rate of turnover, and increase the number of Academic Division and University Medical Center employees who advance up the career ladder.