Associate Vice President and Dean, Office of African-American Affairs

Administrative Group • Job ID: R0045687
Charlottesville, VA

The University of Virginia (UVA) seeks an accomplished, strategic professional with a record of authentic and innovative leadership, who will become the next Associate Vice President and Dean, Office of African-American Affairs (AVP and Dean). As a unit within the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of African-American Affairs' (OAAA) mission is to help develop and sustain a welcoming, supportive environment for African-American students at the University of Virginia. As a proponent of the interests and needs of African-American students, the Office's primary responsibility is to promote the active involvement of African-American students in all aspects of the University community. In addition, through its programming and outreach, OAAA enhances the University's sensitivity and awareness of African-American issues, culture, and history.

This AVP and Dean is an important member of the Student Affairs Leadership Team, along with the UVA Career Center, Student Engagement, Housing and Residence Life, Student Health & Wellness, Development,  Student Safety and Support and Student Engagement. As the leader and Dean of OAAA, this individual will join a strong and dedicated team committed to the engagement and support of all students in the discovery and pursuit of meaningful lives. 

The Office of African-American Affairs
The Office of African-American Affairs was established in 1976 as an integral part of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Virginia. It is charged with the responsibility of assisting academic and non-academic units in meeting the challenges of service delivery to African-American students. The University has maintained one of the best 4-year graduation rates of any public university…

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