BIOL - Worley Lab Tech 2

Research • Job ID: R0044726
Charlottesville, VA

Lab and Research Technician 2 employees provide increasingly complex technical support for projects and may engage in increasingly complex scientific experiments. May handle more sophisticated administrative and logistical tasks. Lab and Research Technician 2 employees operate under supervision with a degree of independence when following set protocols and procedures.

The Worley Lab ( in the Department of Biology at the University of Virginia seeks applications for a Research Technician in the area of regenerative biology and developmental genetics. Early-career scholars are encouraged to apply!

The Worley Lab uses Drosophila melanogaster to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate tissue growth and regeneration. The Research Technician will contribute to both lab management and scientific research. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and passionate about science. A college degree (B.A. or B.S) in Biology or other field with some Biology coursework is strongly preferred. The ideal candidate will have experience with one or more of the following techniques, Drosophila husbandry and genetics, confocal or fluorescence microscopy, and molecular biology techniques including, cloning and PCR.

The lab management responsibilities will include:

  • ordering supplies and maintaining Drosophila stocks, as well as other lab chores as needed
  • conducting genetic experiments in Drosophila and utilize molecular techniques to generate and characterize mutants (such as CRISPR/Cas9).
  • conducting experiments that involve the dissection of Drosophila tissues and subsequent analysis by fluorescent microscopy.
  • preparing data for verbal presentation and figures which will contribute to o…
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